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How far do you want to walk to your favourite café? Can your kids walk to school safely, without the need to be driven? Can you walk or cycle to work? Should we ban cars from the neighbourhood or can we just make them unnecessary? How many trees can you see from your window? All these simple questions can show ways of creating a more livable city environment, if they are answered properly. The answers can also reduce Co2 emissions and pollution by significant levels. The new book, "Creating Compact Cities" shows the way forward. The author, Frederick Rickmann is an award-winning urban designer, architect and designer based in Denmark.

走到您最喜歡的咖啡館有多遠呢?您的孩子可以安全地步行上學,而無需開車嗎?您能走路或騎自行車上班嗎?我們應該禁止附近的汽車駛入社區,還是我們可以讓使用汽車的行為變得不必要?從您家窗戶向外望去,可以看到多少棵樹?以上的問題如果得到懇切的回答,這些簡單的問題提供我們共同創造更宜居城市環境的方法。不僅如此,這些答案還可以減少二氧化碳排放和污染。本書 Creating Compact Cities《創建聚居城市》指出了前進的方向。作者 Frederick Rickmann 是一位屢獲殊榮的城市設計師、建築師和工業設計師,目前定居於丹麥。

The solution, according to Rickmann is that cities should be designed in a more compact way. With increased density and enhanced livability, details which increase security, well-being and privacy can be designed in. "Creating Compact Cities" illustrates how this can be achieved with examples from over 40 cities worldwide.

根據 Rickmann 的說法其解決方案是城市應該以更緊湊聚居的方式設計。隨著人口密度的增加和宜居性的提升,增進居住安全、福祉和隱私的細節也才有機會設計整合到社區鄰里街道當中。Creating Compact Cities《創建聚居城市》書中以全球 40 多個城市的圖片說明實現這個目標的方法。


The climate crisis and the post-pandemic period have really thrown up many challenges to our populations the world over. Thoughtless city expansion and weak planning have made our cities into locomotives of pollution and mental ill health. "Creating Compact Cities" is a strong innovative guide on how we can begin to fix things. It is perhaps destined to be one of the most influential books about urban design to come from Scandinavia.

氣候危機和後疫情時代確實給全世界的人類帶來了許多挑戰。城市擴張和草率的規劃已經使得城市成為污染和精神疾病的源頭之一。Creating Compact Cities《創建聚居城市》將是開始解決問題強而有力的創新指南,它可能會成為來自斯堪的納維亞半島的最有影響力的城市設計書籍之一。

This is an international book written in English and in a style that will appeal to the normal reader. It deals with complex messages but in a way that the issues involved are understandable. And when they are understandable, the challenges become surmountable. In a way this book is to urban design as Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" was to cosmic physics.

Creating Compact Cities雖然是一本用英語寫的書,但我們確信其風格將吸引全球大部份的讀者。作者使用圖片和文字深入淺出將複雜的內容簡化為容易理解的訊息,如此一來,人類面對城市規畫的各種挑戰就變得可以克服了。在某種程度上,本書之於城市設計,就如同 Stephen Hawking 斯蒂芬霍金的 A Brief History of Time《時間簡史》之於宇宙物理學一樣。


The book is a hybrid book. The thoughts and ideas are borne on a balance of text and a richness of photographs. In many ways, it this new style of writing has been compared to a physical Instagram. A pleasure to scroll through and yet with a high tactile quality.

這是一本圖文並茂的書。 作者以其設計專長使用豐富的照片搭配流暢易懂的文字創造舒適閱讀的美感。這種新的寫作風格已被比作實體 Instagram其具有數位螢幕瀏覽的視覺享受外也具有人體高度觸感的樂趣。 出版社選擇了最好的紙質印刷以達成作者想要帶給讀者展讀時的雙重享受。

248 pages of debate, new thinking and answers. Neither has Frederick Rickmann held back from issues that are rarely addressed in books about town planning. Subjects such as urban poverty and ruined buildings as brought under scrutiny. Here is nourishment for your imagination. If you live in a city, you need this book.

足足有248 頁豐富的內容包含辯論、新思維及解決方案。作者 Frederick Rickmann 沒有迴避有關城市設計、規劃書籍中很少涉及的問題,諸如城市貧困和廢棄、毀壞的建築等受審查的主題。本書將成為想像力滋長的重要養分, 如果您住在一個城市,您需要這本書。

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Creating Compact Cities won the GDA Green Award in 2022.
Creating Compact Cities 榮獲2022年 GDA Green Award 綠色環保獎

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