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The Story of DNgroup

If you are going for Global Cross-Border E-Commerce then innovation and fresh thinking are essential keys for your success. DNgroup is an indispensable partner in helping you to navigate your way to successful cross-border trading.

The Story of DNgroup

A few years ago, we received several projects from the clients of Europe and Taiwan that they hoped our services to cover cross-border trading, the clients needed strategic e-commerce consultancy through brand innovation.

Thanks for the initial clients, your trust brought us to the new domain and we gained many useful experiences so that we are finally able to make the cross-border e-commerce consultancy as one of our strong service items.

The Story of DNgroup
How a Danish design agency is able to help clients on innovative cross-border e-commerce? The story should go back to 20 years ago, the founder of DNgroup, Frederick Rickmann’s venture.

The headquarters of DNgroup locates in Denmark but established the 1st overseas branch in Taiwan in 2003. The CEO of DNgroup, Frederick Rickmann, a Scottish, he changed his career from an architect to the industrial domain. He started his own business in Denmark and lives in Denmark for nearly 40 years.

Since 1999 Rickmann started to look for the branch office in Asia for DESIGNNORD (former name of DNgroup). Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan were considered. Finally, he chose Taiwan because of the better combination with Denmark. The industrial design quality in Denmark is better than the other countries and the industries of Denmark and Taiwan are similar with many more mid-small enterprises. Rickmann thought if DN could combine the well-known design quality of Denmark and the best manufacture knowledge of Taiwan that would be very competitive and could create unique products for the markets as well to help the companies to earn more profits.

The Story of DNgroup

Since 2003 DNgroup runs in Taiwan, we have done hundreds design projects and 70% successful projects launched to help clients to get healthy cash flow into the companies. We believe to run a good company is the biggest contribution to the society and we are looking forward to create the happiness for the employees of our clients and the clients of clients, together with you.

Can’t wait to start your cross-border business? Contact us for success.

The Story of DNgroup


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