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  • Frederick Rickmann

ACTION - for the planet

A plastic violin is a laughable instrument. No-one would take such a thing seriously. The reason is that all the musical instruments that involve strings and an acoustic chamber need to be made of a material that resonates well with sound. In other words, the actual material is an essential element in the sound produced. Guitars, violins, cellos and double basses are all the same in this respect.

So too with STEENSSEN products like the ACTION audio system. ACTION is built in wood composite which has excellent sonic qualities. Instead of strings, ACTION has a fine range of loudspeakers from the highest treble tone down to the deep bass woofer.

ACTION - for the planet

In today's climate challenge the fact that ACTION is a high-tech product made of sustainable materials like wood is of significant importance. Not only is ACTION a product crafted in acoustically perfect materials, it is also a product that is totally in line with our new global need to create a sustainable environment. For the sake of the planet and future generations, products like ACTION need to show the way of combining high-tech to give so much more satisfying analog performance to the world of digital IT.



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