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  • Frederick Rickmann

ACTION - time traveller

Can you really have a timeless product that constantly needs to be updated? Technology right now, is changing and constantly introducing new standards. That in turn makes products obsolete even although they could have been used perfectly well for several years.

ACTION - time traveller

In STEENSSEN we kind of designed that challenge out at the start. For instance ACTION is solidly crafted in natural materials and will easily give superb performance for well over ten years. But tech will change in that time. Our answer is to make ACTION with as few built in tech electronics as possible and to have plenty of plug-in points. So you can add wifi via the HDMI ports. You can go back in time and add a turntable for your vinyl LP's via the RCA connectors. Or you can stay up to date with Siri or Alexa and the others via Bluetooth.

And naturally, you can add a tv or a screen in a number of ways. Best is the optics cable, but HDMI also works well, as does Bluetooth. What that means is that STEENSSEN ACTION is an investment in the future, even though that future is unknown for certain. That in itself makes ACTION a more sustainable product because you can enjoy the purity of the sound while the tech around you gets obsolete and unusable at an increasing rate.

You can also say - stay update for longer with ACTION.



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