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  • Frederick Rickmann

AIR is clever - because it isn't smart

Online security and lack of data privacy are fast raising serious issues. As more of our digital devices become interlinked through smart phones and online services, the threats to our privacy are mushrooming. When designing AIR we looked at this issue in detail. Our solution was to simplify rather than to pump up the complexity.

AIR is clever - because it isn't smart

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and Apple's Siri are already the subject of negative controversy about the way they form gateways through which every one of your online interactions is transmitted, collecting data about you at each level. Alexa knows what you are searching for, listening to your conversations and sending in your messages. And it all goes to listening servers and data collectors.

STEENSSEN soundbaren Trådløs Højttaler - AIR

Just as AIR is made in sustainable natural materials, it is also made with a sustainable and natural digital concept. Instead of adding more and more tech, we removed as much as possibly could. An app is like an open portal for data loss, so we dumped an app - you simply do not need an app to use a STEENSSEN product. It is app-free. The next thing we did was to maximum your privacy. The music signal goes only one way into a STEENSSEN. Nothing at all is transmitted out again. In a way you could say that the benefit of AIR is that it is a non-smart product. Ok, ok. It’s a dumb product. But that is its advantage.

The end story is that you can relax and listen to whatever you want on a STEENSSEN without being bothered by Big Brother.



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