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  • Frederick Rickmann

Clean AIR - a fresh generation

There is a fresh mindset for the new generation. We want a clean planet. We want clean health. We want a clean lifestyle. There is not much doubt that we need to transform our cities for the climate challenges. At the same time, we need the health issues brought under control. These actions demand a broad fellowship and sense of community - and that translates into much greater equality in society. But how does that translate into real action at the individual level?

Clean AIR - a fresh generation

In STEENSSEN it means that we use pure materials like wood and aluminium and bronze. It also means we do a rethink on sound. The sound of the new world is different. Its a sound that is pure and clean and not messed about by smart electronics. With the AIR audio system we make the sound listenable and without too much bass. Just enough.

Clean AIR - a fresh generation

AIR is a very special type of wireless speaker that is made for the mindset and visions of the new generation. You can see it in the design. Totally unique. Clean up the planet with clean AIR! In films and in some music, heavy bass is important. But for listening and lighter music then you need more accuracy and less bass. This is especially true of speech, like in discussion programmes, e-books and podcasts. "In the beginning there was the word".

If ideas and words are important to you, then get an AIR.



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