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  • Frederick Rickmann

Dark Side of the Moon

In January 2019, a robotic rover called Chang'e 4 (嫦娥四號) soft-landed on the side of the moon that we cannot see from earth. An accompanying satellite is already orbiting the moon and it will allow communication between ground control in China and the rover on the far side of the moon.

Dark Side of the Moon

What seems to be a neat bit of tech has in fact a huge chunk of rock music associated with it. In the early 70's the rock band Pink Floyd launched the album called "Dark Side of the Moon". A huge step forward for mankind many would say. The album is one of STEENSSEN's iconic music pieces and a personal favourite. We use it for testing the quality of the audio systems that we design and build. The album itself proved so eternally popular that it has been re-released several times and re-mastered. It has been ranked by several sources as one of the "Greatest Albums of All Time".

There is something about landing on the moon and this super album. Even chronologically. The Americans were roving about on the NEAR side of the moon when Pink Floyd first brought out this haunting collection of rock music. The words moon rock can have many connotations.

By the way, the illustration is thanks to the Hamburg Planetarium - who have combined a photo of the moon and the original Pink Floyd album cover graphics in an innovative way.



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