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  • Frederick Rickmann

Disney, Chaplin and sound

Even from the very start of film-making, pioneers realized that sound was a completely essential part of the experience of watching a film. As early as 1940 Walt Disney was making cartoon films where classical music played by a full orchestra was an integral element in the film.

Also before the technology of including sound in the film roll, music was used in all the so-called "silent movies". In every cinema, there was a live piano added the all-important soundtrack. Most people would find it’s impossible to imagine Chaplin's film genuine without accompanying music.

Disney, Chaplin and sound

It is a stark paradox that in these times when we imagine that our technology is so advanced, the actual quality of sound that we can experience on our advanced tv's is actually poorer than almost a century ago.

That is one of the reasons for STEENSSEN to develop hifi audio systems like ACTION for use with tv's. Ever since the first films ever, sound been an inseparable part of visual arts. Sound is a crucial ingredient is being able to appreciate the media you are streaming. Chaplin, Disney and all the pioneers were right.

Disney, Chaplin and sound

Check out this entertaining YouTube is here the pianist Yanni Tan is accompanying the original Tom and Jerry cartoon where the sound track was Listz's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

...... and the Snow White cartoon was released by Disney in 1937. Listen to the orchestration of the soundtrack.



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