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  • Frederick Rickmann

From the future to the present – almost

STEENSSEN NEO XX has been under development for some time now. Much too long a time, most people would say, and that would be right. At STEENSSEN we would agree with that. However the delays we have experienced are beginning now to work to our advantage. The final product will be outstanding.

From The Future To The Present

Three major events have affected the progress of the product. One was the pandemic. Another was the global shortage of electronic components and chipsets. The third is the movement towards solving the climate issues. These might sound very abstract but taken together all three have shown us the need for a "reset" button. The way we were thinking in the previous series and the way that translated into the NEO series has come considerable further.

From The Future To The Present

What you are getting from STEENSSEN now is a totally rethought and redesigned product that will see you through the coming decades in style. You are together with us in being front-runners in bringing in many solutions.

Firstly and most importantly, the sound is magnificent and breaks boundaries in hifi. The sound range is tuned to be pure and accurate and yet responsive to the type of content you will be playing and streaming.

The materials are sustainable and easily renewable. Wood types, metals and rubber. This includes the packaging which is free of plastics. In addition all the major parts are repairable allowing up-dating and easy (perhaps even DIY) replacement if this is necessary. Then the whole product is made in Denmark. Some parts by craftsmen. Some by robots and flexible automated manufacture.

You the user are also central to the product. We have removed the need for a remote control. This makes the user interface totally understandable and so damned obvious that we are surprised we didn't think it before.

The big downside is that we still aren't ready to give a green light to the production team. So we apologise that we still have to ask you to be a little more patient.



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