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  • Frederick Rickmann

Keeping the tide back

Waves of progress always come crashing in on every product development. They come at a regular pace, just like the sea. In STEENSSEN we have been surfing on just about every type of wave that the world has created. The pandemic that started in our supply chain. The restrictions that stopped work. The price hike in materials and transport. The famine of electronic chips and even innocent small but necessary electronic components. Our strategy of going for manufacturing in Denmark. Then a Russian invasion that disrupts even more.

Keeping the tide back

Like a strong coast line, the best waves are found in places where there is a solid foundation. In STEENSSEN our progress against the waves of challenges is steadily moving forward because STEENSSEN is also based on a rock-solid base of support from our backers and fans. We are getting there.

Once again, we distressed to say that there has been yet another delay in getting your outstanding products sent to you. I can only trust in your understanding and patience.



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