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  • Frederick Rickmann

Nordic Kitchen and Nordic Sound

Nordic cuisine and restaurants have become world renowned over the past many years and have been recognized through a spreading number of Michelin awards. Indeed for many years, the Copenhagen restaurant NOMA was seen as being the best restaurant in the world.

Central to the concept of the new cuisine is the New Nordic Food Manifesto. The movement was pioneered in the 2000s by a stream of Scandinavian chefs including Danish chef Claus Meyer. The manifesto is built around the 4 pillars of freshness, purity, simplicity and ethical use of ingredients. Ingredients mainly sourced from the forests, seas and nature within the close vicinity of the eating place.

Nordic Kitchen and Nordic Sound

The manifesto for NORDIC SOUND is grounded in the same Nordic and Scandinavian ideal of purity, simplicity and ethical use of components. All new STEENSSEN audio systems are pioneering the same manifesto. Purity of sound comes not from complex technology but by using advanced simplicity in the technology used. All the materials and components are sourced from workshops and factories in the close surroundings of the development centre. And the development centre is one of the first movers at the Sound Hub Denmark cluster in Struer.

Ethically we do not use parts and materials from societies where work practices and the environment are not being regarded. Sustainable and recyclable materials are used throughout in STEENSSEN. The designs are constructed so that the products can last for years and years and any repair or rebuilding that is necessary can be carried out easily. Neither are large components shipped from all corners of the globe. STEENSSEN is trully Nordic - through and through.

Nordic Kitchen and Nordic Sound

It is often said that "you are what you listen to". That is identical to - "you are what you eat". STEENSSEN lets you cook your music in the way you want and to make it most delicious. And your music is served in exactly the right way for the planet, the climate and your lifestyle. As Shakespeare said,

"if music be the food of love, play on!"

Play on in a Nordic way.



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