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  • Frederick Rickmann

The cutting-edge is always slippy

Patience is a virtue they say. But being impatient to get things done is also a strong driving force. Also in this case. Our STEENSSEN pre-order fans and our sales organisation have been really patient and trustful. That is something we respect a lot. And because of that we are being totally honest and open about our exciting story.

The cutting-edge is always slippy

In STEENSSEN NEO we are bringing together the latest cutting-edge technology with a move to use the best sustainable materials. And as if that wasn't enough, we are building it all with Danish companies, all of whom have a remarkable CO2 footprint.

However the timeline is becoming elastic and we have to apologise for that and thank you for your patience. The roadmap is becoming longer. August is not really a date we can see as realistic. Its going to take longer than that. We are aiming at the end of 2021. If your pre-order is linked to a gift or an event then let us know and we can see what is possible.

We are not loosing focus of the real aim. That is to build a unique way of experiencing the lifestyle of sound. Its about making the right products in the right way for this century - with all its challenges. It is an inspiring and exciting task. A result that is worth waiting for. So a little more patience is a good thing.

And finally if you are an investor, that can see that STEENSSEN is on the right track, then get in touch.

The cutting-edge is always slippy


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