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  • Frederick Rickmann


I hope that the world famous NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen won't take offence at this blog. For several years NOMA was declared the Best Restaurant in the World by the magazine "Restaurant" and quite fittingly it has two Michelin stars. It rose to prominence through a concept that re-invented and redefined Nordic cuisine, perhaps forever. The founders, René Redzepi and Claus Meyer pioneered the ideas of purity, freshness, simplicity and ethically sourcing ingredients from its Nordic close surroundings. Forest, seashore, beaches and wilderness.

STEENSSEN has nothing to do with food. STEENSSEN designs, develops and makes audio systems. The point is that the same Nordic principles apply. We have taken on board the same concept of purity, freshness, simplicity and ethically sourcing components. Everything is sourced locally around our development centres in Jutland, Denmark. Components, high tech, materials are all sustainable and renewable. It is not difficult to underline this because we use wood, aluminum, rubber and we do this because these natural materials give the best sound. In addition we don't use large assemblies that have to be shipped from the other side of the globe after being produced in factories of dubious standard.


There a faithfulness is way we think and design and do things. Another word for faithfulness is fidelity. Our fidelity to the music and sound is high. High fidelity is what you get from STEENSSEN's Nordic Sound.

Note. The photo of NOMA is used here from Wikipedia



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