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  • Frederick Rickmann

Thought Activation

Research has shown that each individual brain has a unique thought pattern identity.

Thought Activation

NP8 researches totally new technology for communicating sound and controlling the sonic environment in a smart home of the future.

NP8 is conceived to utilize new ground-breaking discoveries in creating our physical world. Just like in the Renaissance where science and art were seen as running in parallel, so too do we recognize that high science and high aesthetics are beginning to give the right kind of answers to our global challenges today and in future.

NP8 combines Voice Activation with Thought Activation - VATA. Research has shown that each individual brain has a unique thought pattern identity. As we have all experienced in our everyday lives, thought patterns are communicative. NP8 puts our emotive thought patterns to use so that we can control the future generation of STEENSSEN products through thinking or talking, or a combination of both. Perhaps even humming a tune.

The technological breakthrough we are working on is that we use a philosophical catapult. In simple terms, it means that the awkwardness of the machine intelligence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as used in Spotify, Amazon and Google, can be controlled totally by a new wave of software we call UOI (Your Own Intelligence).

To give an example, it like AI is an intelligence bicycle, but it’s the human UOI that is the rider. We use VATA to enable this.

Thought Activation

Naturally we are still at the very early stages and results are many years in advance. We promise nothing at all. The whole project is wrapped in confidentiality and we are not allowed to reveal who are backing us.

However it is necessary to reveal the pattern and direction of development.



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