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  • Frederick Rickmann


It’s fascinating to think about the sounds created by the weather.

Weather Has a Noise

There are the obvious stormy conditions when the wind can howl and the rain can thunder down. But in calmer times, the way the weather works with temperature and humidity, the sounds created really add a richness to our lives.

I especially like the calming sound of a heavy snow fall. The air filled with slowly falling snow flakes acts like a blanketing sound insulation. The traffic noise becomes a quieter background buzz. The echo of the streets takes on a comfortable feel. And then there is pleasant sensation and sound of freshly fallen snow crunching under your winter boots. Step by step.

Weather Has a Noise

Even the voices and tones in a snowing city take on quite different characters. After the initial fresh fall of snow there are always the squeals of delight and fun of kids playing about with snowballs, sledges and snowmen. I could even say that the diesel engines and the orange flashing lights of the snowploughs add an intrinsic quality to the atmosphere. And in the background, a street musician somewhere.

Weather Has a Noise


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